Nice lagca appi

Hi, Have some pie. If you’re not up for it. তাইরে নাইরে নাই।

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Good morning, darlin’

I woke up and drank some orange juice but I miss my tangerine, It was bread and margarine for breakfast but I gotta go to my submarine. I know you’re fluent in Mandarin, but honey, could you be a dear and pass me my mandolin?

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The Cookie Deprived Clan

You will be deprived of cookies- If you are accountable for making mistakes that are rookie  

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ভোকেশনাল ট্রেনিং

ভোকেশনাল ট্রেনিংয়ে, সচিব গেছে জাপানে, সুশি খেয়ে বলে, ওরে বাবারে।  

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